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Alberdingk Boley



Alberdingk Boley is a global manufacturer of waterborne emulsions, polyurethane dispersions, water-based UV dispersions, castor oil, and modified polyols as well as linseed oil. For 185 years Alberdingk Boley has been providing innovative, sustainable, and environment-friendly solutions to the coating industry. With our creative approach to water-based resins, we guarantee solutions that utilize the most advanced technology and surpass the current industry standards. The US manufacturing facility in Greensboro, NC, produces a variety of products including acrylics, styrene acrylic, epoxy acrylic hybrid emulsions, polyurethane dispersions, and water base UV dispersions.




Azelis Americas CASE, a specialty distribution company, builds unwavering loyalty by helping our suppliers and customers solve their most complex problems and accelerate sales. With over 70% of our team having a technical background, knowledgeable and helpful customer service, and a world-class supply chain, we deliver exceptional value in every transaction.

Azelis Representing: BASF (Color, Dispersants, Additives), BASF (Attapulgite), BASF (Isocyanates), BASF (Polymer Emulsions, Resins), Construction Solutions (Tech Support), Celanese (Polymer Emulsions), Huntsman (Epoxy Resins & Amines), Lonza (Preservatives, Antimicrobials, Fungicides), Momentive (Silicone Fluids & Resins), Specialty Minerals (Calcium Carbonate, Talc), Sun Chemical (Color, Colorants), Tylose (Cellulosics Thickeners), U.S. Zinc (Zinc Oxide), Venator (Inorganic Pigments, Carbon Blacks)





Why should you partner with a company like Barentz? We were interested in learning why customers in our industries choose the suppliers that they do so we engaged a research firm to conduct a double-blind market survey to speak to existing customers and companies that we’d like to do business with. They asked lots of questions about the attributes of suppliers that are most important. The survey’s overwhelming response was consistency … specifically consistent product, consistent delivery, and consistent supply. These are three areas in which Barentz excels. We matched the attributes from this survey to five years of Barentz operational data and found outstanding results. See below why Barentz is consistent … in what matters.

Barentz Representing: AGC (Fluoropolymers Resins), AllCoat (Polyurethane Polymers), Applied Graphene Materials (Graphene Dispersions), Arakawa Chemical (Resins & Intermediates), Aramco (Hydrocarbon Resins & Intermediates), BRB (Silicone Fluids & Resins), Buckman (Biocides, Corrosion Inhibitors), CCP (Melamine Formaldehyde Resins), CED Process Minerals (Silicas), ChemMet (Molybdenum & Tungsten Metals), Chromaflo (Color Dispersions), Croda (Surfactants, Intermediates), Dicalite (Perlite, Vermiculite, Diatomaceous Earth), Dura (Driers, Catalysts), Elementis (Dispersants, Wetting Agents, Additives), Eternal (Resins & Polymers), Evans Chemical, Evonik Crosslinkers (Crosslinkers), Evonik Resins (Resins, Monomers), Higree (Hydrocarbon Resins), HP Polymers (Alkyd, Polyester, Polyamide Resins), Huntsman Polyurethanes (MDI Resins), Ingevity (Activated Carbon), Innospec (Chemical Additives), JointColor (Effect Pigments), Kemitura (Fumed Silica), Laurel, Lawter (Rosins, Tackifiers), Madhu Silica (Precipitated Silicas), MicroChem (Polymeric Microbeads), Nan Ya (Plasticizers), Nippon Steel, Norac Additives (Metallic Stearates, Heat Stabilizers), Orion (Carbon Black Pigments), Polyscope (Styrene Maleic Anhydride), Potters (Glass Beads), Rianlon (Antioxidants, UV Absorbers), Rohm (Methacrylate Chemicals), SNCZ (Anti-Corrosive Pigments), St. Louis Group (Flame Retardants), Sunshow, Synthomer (Polymer Emulsions), Thiele (Kaolin Clay), Tomatec (Complex Inorganic Color Pigments), U.S. Zinc (Zinc Oxide, Zinc Pigments), Venator (Titanium Dioxide), Verdcol (Organic Pigments), Zeochem (Molecular Sieves), ZN Zinc Nancional (Zinc Compounds).

Brenntag Specialties, LLC


Brenntag Coatings & Construction is building a brighter world with a broad specialty product offering. Whether you’re looking for additives, crosslinkers and catalysts, minerals and extenders, pigments, resins/intermediates, solvents, or more, we have you covered with a broad specialty product offering. Our experts work directly with customers to choose the right raw materials for their specific needs. Through strong supplier partnerships, we ensure we keep up with the latest trends, applications and products across the adhesive, coating, construction, elastomer, and sealant markets. To learn more about our specialty product offering, contact your local account executive or visit our website.

Brenntag Representing: Achiewell (Cycloaliphatic Epoxide, Silanes, TPO Photo-initiators), Almatis (Modified Alumina), American Colloid (Bentonite, Organoclays), AOC (Polyester, Vinyl Ester Resins, Color Dispersions), Aquaspersions (Polyvinyl Butyral Disp, Blocked Isocyanate Crosslinkers), Ampec (Antimony Trioxide), Arkema (Polymer Emulsions), Ashland (Cellulose Thickeners), Ashland (Defoamers, Surfactants, Dispersants), Ashland (Polymers, Acrylates), Barretts Minerals (Talc), BASF (Nonionic Surfactants), Braskem (Hydrocarbon Resins, PIBs), Bruggemann (Zinc Oxide), BSI Branded (Hydrated Alumina, Metallic Stearates, TOFA), Dorf Ketal (Ti, Zr Catalysts), Eastman (Plasticizers, Polyvinyl Butyral Resins), Excalibar Minerals (Ground Barium Sulfate), Hexion (Epoxy Resins, Curing Agents), ICC Chem (Sebacic Acid), ICL (Mg Carbonate/Hydroxide/Oxide), Interspersal (Antioxidants, UV Absorbers/HALS), Optical Brighteners), Koster Heunen (Specialty Waxes), Kumbo (Styrenated Phenol), Lanxess (WB Polyurethane Disp), Malayan Adhesives (Lightweight Phenolic Microspheres), Mississippi Lime (Ca Hydroxide/Oxide), Monument (Performance Polyols), Nabaltec (ATH, Boehmite), Nouryon (Organic Peroxides), Pacer (Dry Gnd Mica, Feldspars), Phlex Tek (UV Oligomers/Monomers), PMC (Tin Catalysts), Polyaziridine (WB Crosslinkers), Poravar (Expanded Glass Spheres), Potters (Lt Wt Hollow/solid Microspheres), PPG (Ppt Silica, Anti-Corrosion Pigments, Flattening Agents), PQ (Lithium/Potassium Silicate), Sanmu Gp (UV Oligomers/Monomers), SE Performance Min (Water Gnd Mica), Solenis (SMA, PAE Resins), Solvay (Rare Earth Oxide, Polishing Powders), Specialty Minerals (Gnd/Ppt Calcium Carbonate), Sun Chemical (Organic/Effect/Aluminum  Pigments), TBF (VOC/HAPS Free Solvents), Tokai Carbon CB (Carbon Black), US Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate), Wacker (Silicone/VAc/VCl/VAE/Resin & Emulsions), Wanhua (TDI/MDI, Polyether Polyols, PUDs, Acrylic Emulsions), Yipin Pigments (Iron Oxide, Chrome Oxide Green, Zn/Mn Ferrite)


Chromaflo Technologies


Chromaflo Technologies is the premier global provider of colorant technology solutions, serving customers in the architectural coatings, industrial coatings, and thermoset composites market. With more than eight decades of industry experience in colorant systems and chemical pigment dispersions, the Chromaflo family of product brands includes more than 200 product lines and 7,000 products that serve customers across six continents. Chromaflo applies the right blend of skill and craftsmanship to produce colorants that are as diverse and specialized as the customers we serve.

Colonial Chemical

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Colonial Chemical manufactures innovative specialty surfactants and chemicals for a variety of industries and applications. 2021 winner of EPA Green Chemistry challenge for Suga®Boost.

Evonik Corp

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The Crosslinkers Business Line of Evonik is the pioneer in isophorone chemistry and covers the entire value chain: isophorone, diamine, as well as di-isocyanate, and polyisocyanate. Additionally, the product portfolio contains a full toolbox of amine curing agents for coatings applications where they provide durability, chemical resistance, and excellent adhesion properties. The Coating Additives business line is a leading supplier of specialty additives for the coatings and inks industry. We boast decades of experience in the research and development of novel products for a variety of coating markets, such as decorative coatings, industrial coatings, automotive coatings, and printing inks.

Hall Technogies, Inc.


Hall Technologies, Inc. is a distributor of specialty additives, polymers, resins, color pigments, dyes, functional fillers, and extender pigments. Our Missouri headquarters includes a technical service applications laboratory. Hall Technologies, Inc.’s territory extends through the Midwest, Upper Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, and the Ohio Valley.

Hall Technologies Representing: Arkema (Biobased Esters, Epoxidized Oils, Plasticizers, Coalescent), BYK (Additives, Organoclays, Thickeners, Wax Emulsions), Cardolite (NCO Blocking Agents, Epoxy Resins & Curing Agents, Polyols), Eckart (Effect, Metal Powders, Metallics, Zinc Pigments), IFF Microbial Control (Biocides, Fungicides, Preservatives), Invotec (Corrosion Inhibitors, Flame Retardants), Mississippi Lime (Calcium Oxide, Hydroxide, Carbonate), Nouryon (Colloidal Silicas), Reitech (Water-based Pigment Dispersions), RJ Marshal (ATH, Fibers, Alumina), Ruichem (Silicone and Silane Systems), Specialty Polymers (Emulsion Technologies), Techrez (Antioxidants, Rosin/Hydrocarbon Resins, Tackifiers), Thiele (Hydrous & Calcined Kaolin), TOR Minerals (ATH, Buff TiO2, TiO2 Extender), Total Special Fluids (High Purity Aliphatic Solvents), Trico Technologies (Surfactants and Silicones)


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IMCD Representing: ACS Technical Products (Bio-Based Epoxy Diluents), Alnor Oil Co. (Castor/Linseed/Soybean Oils), Ashland (Cellulosic Thickeners/Polymers), BASF (HP Organic/Effect/CICP Pigments), Birla Carbon (Carbon Black Pigments), Cerflon Tech (Ceramic Reinforced PTFE), COIM (Aliphatic/Aromatic Polyester Polyols), Covestro (Isocyanates, Urethanes, Polyols, PUDs), CP Kelco (Xanthan Gums), CR Minerals (Mineral Grade Pumice), Daikin (PTFE Powders/Disp, Fluoropolymer Resins), Dairen Chem (PVAc Emulsions, VAE/PVAc powder, PVOH), Elkem (Silicone Emulsions), Evonik (Epoxy Curing Agents), Evonik Additives (Fumed Silicas, Ppt Silicas, Surfynol Surf/Defoamers, TEGO Disp, Flow Agents, Silicone Acrylates, Silane Terminated Polymers, Functional Silanes), FP Pigments (Opacity Pigments), GEO Spec Chem (Defoamers, PAG Thickeners), Hallstar (Flow/Leveling Aids, Plasticizers, Acid Scavengers, Polymeric Esters), Huber Engineered Materials (ATH Flamed Retardants, Flatting Agents), Hydrite Chem (Styrene Acrylic Resins, Colloidal Emulsions), Honeywell Int. (Modified Olefin Polymers/Waxes), ICL (Halox Corrosion Inhibitors, Tannin Blockers), IMCD (Titanium Oxysulphate), Imerys (Carbonates, Ceramics, Kaolins, Micas, Talcs, Wollastonites), King Ind (Polyacrylate Additives, Acid Catalysts, Catalysts, Rheology Modifiers, Corrosion Inhibitors), Kraton (Rosin Esters, Polyamide/Terpene Resins), Lanxess (Phosphate Flame Retardants, Plasticizers), Polynt-Reichhold (Alkyds, Acrylic/Polyester Resins, Vinyl Copolymers, Oil Modified Urethanes, Vinyl Acrylic Emulsions), Rezchem Chem (Aliphatic/Aromatic Hydrocarbons), Stepan (Aliphatic Polyester Polyols), Trinseo (Emulsion Polymers), Trinox (Rutile Titanium Dioxide), Troy Corp (Biocides, Driers, Anti-Skinning Agents), US Silicas (High Purity Silicas), Youngsun & Esson (Antimony Oxide), Zeospheres Ceramics (Ceramic Microspheres).

Lubrizol Advanced Materials


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Lubrizol Performance Coatings is a market-driven innovator of specialty chemicals for coatings, inks and composites that help the world move cleaner, create smarter and live better. Our portfolio of resin, binder, dispersant, wax additive, and specialty additive technologies solve challenges across a wide range of markets and applications. Formulators choose Lubrizol to take advantage of our innovative technologies, customer collaboration, and reliability. More than just a supplier, we are a collaborator with extensive experience in surface protection, dispersion, adhesion, and barrier properties – working closely with customers to explore and develop differentiated products.

NAGASE Specialty Materials


NAGASE Specialty Materials is a distributor of specialty chemicals and a manufacturer of chemical technologies. We provide solutions for industries impacting everyday life around the world: textiles; coatings; inks; plastics; packaging; automotive; aerospace; personal care; household, industrial and institutional; pharmaceutical; and electronics. We are chemists and problem-solvers, scientists, and creative thinkers. We began in 1985 as Fitz Chem. Our founder’s motto: Grow through reputation. We became known as a company where people and ideas could thrive. In 2017, after three decades of growth, we became part of NAGASE Group, an $8 billion innovator known for making high-end Japanese technologies accessible globally. Our collective values came from a shared passion for customer success, trust and respect, and honest communication. With global access to experts and ahead-of-the-wave technologies, our unique chemistries give customers a competitive edge. Today, we offer innovation centers that support R&D and application testing, an expansive supplier network enabling unmatched access to materials, and a market-solution-driven mindset to address complex process challenges. NAGASE was founded in 1832 as a specialized purveyor of dyes and chemicals. NAGASE Group includes 100+ group companies and more than 6,000 team members in 27 countries and regions, providing value-added opportunities in global markets. Along with our worldwide reach, we continue to provide dedicated support and commitment to our customers. What is important to you inspires us to deliver our best work with the greatest of care.

Nagase Representing: Asahi Kasei(WB Isocyanates), Birla (Carbon Blk), Cytec(Surfactants), Double Bond (Anti-Oxidants, UV Absorbers), EP Minerals (Diatomaceous Earth, Pearlite), EverZinc (Zinc Oxide), Excalibar Minerals (Barium Sulfate), Ferro (Iron Oxide, CICP, Corrosion Inhibitors), Ineos (TiO2), Infinite Materials Solns (Additive/3D Printing), Kaneka (Soln Vinyl Resins), Lumiro (Colorants), Magris Talc (Talc), Mississippi Lime (Precipitates Calcium Carbonate), Nagase Chemtex (Epoxy Resins), Nikko Bics (Specialty Effect Pigments), Nouryon Polymer (Conductive Carbon Black), PQ Corp. (Flattening Agents), Sasol Chemicals (BHT), Stahl (Cross-linkers), The Quarts Corp. (Ground Feldspar), Trico Technologies (Surfactants), Vertec Biosolvents (Biosolvents), Vinavil (Emulsion Technologies).  (


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Omya is a leading global producer of industrial minerals – mainly derived from calcium carbonate, dolomite and perlite – and a worldwide distributor of specialty chemicals. The company provides a wealth of innovative product solutions that contribute to its customers'​ competitiveness and productivity in multiple industries such as Construction, Paper & Board, Polymers, Food and Personal & Home Care. Omya further provides Environmental Solutions targeting the agriculture, water and energy markets. Founded in 1884 in Switzerland, Omya has a global presence extending to more than 175 locations in over 50 countries with 9,000 employees.  Committed to implementing the principles of sustainability at all company levels, Omya provides added value products and services from responsibly sourced materials to meet the essential needs of current and future generations.  

Patcham USA


PolyAziridine LLC


"PolyAziridine LLC is a global provider of a full line of polyfunctional aziridine cross-linkers.  As our name suggests, we stand alone by exclusively focusing on the polyfunctional aziridine chemistries, and we are in the process of introducing a new water-based difunctional crosslinker.  Our line of cross-linkers react with acid functional groups such as the carboxyl end groups of acrylic emulsions and polyurethane dispersions to improve the chemical and physical properties of coatings, inks, and adhesives.  Visit our website at to learn more about our cross-linkers."

Specialty Polymers, Inc


For 50 years Specialty Polymers has been supplying innovative waterborne resins to coating manufacturers of all sizes. Our experienced chemists and dedicated sales team recognize that each customer is unique. It’s our mission to provide the exact polymer to fit your needs. And no matter what size your company is, Specialty Polymers is focused on providing the best service and support in the industry. Specialty Polymers is a proud supporter of the Cleveland Coatings Society, and we look forward to seeing you at the 2021 Sink or Swim. Visit to learn more about our industrial, architectural, wood, and other coatings polymers.

Synthomer (Formerly Omnova Solutions)


OMNOVA is now part of Synthomer, a global specialty chemicals company and one of the world's major suppliers of aqueous polymers. The combined organization creates a US$2.8+ billion global enterprise with a broad array of specialty products and services. With a robust offering to serve the industrial and architectural coatings market including wood, intumescent, metal, concrete, stain-blocking, floor care polymers, and more, the new Synthomer provides expanded geography for improved customer proximity, greater scale to more efficiently produce and distribute products, and increased breadth of innovative products and technology offerings. Synthomer is Northeast Ohio proud with its US headquarters in Beachwood and operations locally in Akron and Mogadore.


Stonebridge Coatings Laboratory


Stonebridge Coatings Laboratory, Inc., is an independent testing and development company serving the paint, coatings, and personal care industries offering formulation, product development, and testing, project design and management, problem-solving, competitive product testing, and more. Stonebridge combines its understanding of polymer chemistry and coatings with a sound scientific approach to meet customer objectives. Stonebridge typically assists in identifying customer needs, developing a plan to address them, implementing the work, and communicating the outcome. The focus is on maximizing results while minimizing customer costs. The value, flexibility, quality, and timeliness of Stonebridge’s work far exceed the competition.

UNIVAR Solutions


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At Univar Solutions, we can help you develop innovative, next-generation products that keep you ahead of the competition. As the leading global Distributor for the CASE, Rubber & Plastics additives markets, Univar Solutions represents the most robust portfolio from the world’s leading producers. In partnership with suppliers such as Dow Construction, DCM, Polyurethanes, Silicones, Catalyst & Adhesive resins; Olin Epoxies & Diluents; Eastman; Indulor; Kraton; Solvay surfactants & additives, and many more, we deliver the highest quality ingredients. Our Coatings customers and suppliers rely on us for formulation know-how, supply chain solutions, local warehouse services, and technical expertise. In this way, we help navigate market trends and changing regulatory requirements while accelerating product development. Working in partnership, Univar Solutions enables you to bring innovative, new products to market on time and on budget. Discover how we can help drive your success. Visit

Univar Solutions Representing: AGC (Fluoropolymers & Polyols), Albemarle (Curatives for Epoxy and Urethanes), Angus (Multifunctional Amino Alcohols and Additives), BASF (Specialty Acrylate Monomers), Braskem (C9 Hydrocarbon Reins), Cabot (Fumed Silica and Specialty Carbon Black pigments), Daubert (SACI Corrosion Additives), Denka Performance Elastomers (Polychloroprene), Dover (Antioxidants, Polymer Stabilizers), Dow (Acrylic Copolymer Emulsions/Dispersants/Rheology Modifiers/Surfactants), Dow Silicones (Silicone Fluids & Resins), Dow Urethanes (Isocyanates, Polyols), Eastman (Hydrocarbon Resins/Rosin Resins/APOs), Georgia Pacific Chemicals (Resins/Binders), Grace (Colloidal Silicas / Molecular Sieves), Hodogaya (PTMEG Polyols), Honeywell (Specialty Additives) , Huntsman (Polyurethane Amine catalysts), Indulor (Polymer Emulsions, Resins), Ineos (Pigments), Ingevity (Polycaprolactone polyols), Korea PTG (PTMEG Polyols), Kraton (Styrenic Block Copolymers), Kuraray (Polyvinyl Alcohol Polymers), Lyondell Basell (PTMEG Polyols), Olin (Epoxy Resins / Curing Agents), Perstorp (Acids, Alcohols, Intermediates), Prefere (Melamine Crosslinkers), SI Group (Phenolic Resins & Intermediates/Antioxidants/UVAs), Solvay (Surfactants / Dispersants / Specialty Monomers), Tate & Lyle (Starch derivatives), Wanhua Chemical (Aliphatic Isocyanates, Polyaspartics)



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The world of VINAVIL includes a large variety of products. VINAVIL offers a complete range of polyvinyl acetate and vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer emulsions, vinyl acrylic, styrene acrylic, pure acrylics, and nanotechnology-based products for various industries. VINAVIL’s portfolio of products is in constant evolution, and always with the capacity to meet the most demanding requirements of the market. These lines include binders for water-based paints, dispersions for adhesives, redispersible powders for the building industry, solid polymers for the chewing-gum industry, pearls for specialist applications, vinyl adhesives for the do-it-yourself sector, acrylic copolymers, and tailor-made polymers… just to name a few.