Join a Great Organization and Enhance Your Career!

By becoming a member of the CCS, you will join forces with the many other influential executives, managers, purchasers, and technical people in Northeast Ohio’s Paint and Coatings Industry.  Together, we share ideas and information, maintain open lines of communication with community leaders and legislators, and promote sound business ethics within the coatings industry.  By taking advantage of the many benefits that membership brings with it, you can network, and make your company and career more rewarding.

Benefits of CCS Membership

Meetings - Regular meetings allow you to discuss topics with your peers and make your voice heard in the industry.  New products, legislation, and trends are often the subjects discussed at these meetings.


Scholarship Award Program - Annually, the CCS awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to college-bound high school students.  Only children of CCS members are eligible for these scholastic awards.  All students are selected based on their aptitude and potential.


Social Activities - Our social gatherings allow you to meet and mingle with our many members and their families.  These gatherings include golf outings, dances, and other fun and enjoyable activities.

Technical Seminars - Educational opportunities within the association are offered regularly.  Past CCS seminars and classes have covered manufacturing, technical, and business topics, planned for the professional in the industry. In addition, the CCS hosts the annual Sink or Swim Symposium.


Community Service - You will have the opportunity to take part in multiple local community projects. Participation in such activities goes a long way toward helping Northeast Ohio homeowners, charitable organizations, and community centers.  These activities are also something that local leaders and legislators take note of. 

Regulatory Issue Advice -The CCS retains a legislative monitoring group that provides you with advice and assistance on important regulatory issues such as EPA compliance.  You will also have access to information on past and pending legislative actions.

Qualifications for Membership in the CCS

Active Membership:  Any individual engaged in research, engineering, technical development, quality control, or supervisory production work for the manufacture, use, or improvement of a finished coating within the scope of Article II of the Constitution, is eligible for Active Membership, provided the requirements of SR II are met.  Also, any individual that manufactures or sells raw materials, supplies or equipment, or services required by those industries, is eligible for Active Membership.


Educator and Student Membership: Any individual who is a college or high school educator or who is a full-time student regis­tered in an educational institution of recognized standing in a course of study in Chemistry, Engineering, Physics or related sciences leading to a degree shall be eligible for Educator and Student Membership, but such membership shall terminate three months after the individual ceases to qualify. The rights and privileges of Educator and Student Members shall be the same as those of Active Members, except as limited by Bylaws Article XIII.

Retired Membership: Any Active, Educator and Student Member shall be eligible for Retired Membership when all employment has been terminated by reason of retirement. His/her election shall be conducted in a manner consistent with SR II-C 2. The Retired Member shall continue to exercise all the rights and privileges of his/her previous class of membership, except as otherwise prohibited by the Constitution, Bylaws, or Standing Rules of this Society.


Events/Publicity- Shall arrange for and coordinate all member events, as well as publicity, both local and national. Will administer the Annual Recognition Awards, and shall be responsible for member event photos.


Community Service- Shall direct the activities of the Society related to improving our local communities.


Educational- Shall instigate, promote and assist with projects that will benefit our industry's technology. Shall review and select the recipients of the Society’s Annual Scholarships.


Membership- Shall nurture the growth of the Society. Shall distribute and approve all membership applications.


Technical/Marketing- Shall organize and direct the technical/marketing activities of the Society.


Finance- Shall provide a system of checks and balances as governed by the Standing Rules of the Society and shall report to the President and Board of Directors.