Wenqin (Sunny) Wang, Ph.D.
Senior TS&D Scientist
Dow Coating Materials

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Short Course Title: Introduction to Coatings Rheology

  • Short bio:  Sunny Wang is a Senior TS&D scientist at Dow Coating Materials.  Her current work focuses on coating additives technology and customer support. Sunny joined Dow in 2010 and has developed a variety of binders and additives technologies for coating applications.  Prior to joining Dow, Sunny received her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and B.S. in Polymer Materials and Engineering from Tsinghua University.  Sunny has authored or co-authored 10 peer-reviewed journal articles, holds 10 patents / patent applications, and has delivered numerous presentations at conferences and customers.

  • Course outline: This course will review the basic principles of coatings rheology, common rheology modifier chemistries and thickening mechanisms for waterborne coatings, and some guidelines for waterborne coating formulations.

    • What is in a can of Paint?

    • Why Thicken Paint?

    • Coatings Rheology Fundamentals and Measurements

    • Thickening Mechanism for Waterborne Coatings

    • Rheology Modifiers for Waterborne Coatings

    • Formulation Guidelines for Waterborne Coatings